My Daily “To-Do” List

Neal Pollard Be Productive With Your Time (Eph. 5:16). Be Pure In Your Heart (Mat. 5:8). Be Proactive In Your Relationships (Eph. 5:21-6:4). Be Peaceable With Your Provokers (Rom. 12:17-21). Be Purposeful With Your Life (Rom. 8:28). Be Praiseful With Your God (Psa. 150). Be Pleasant In Your Demeanor (Prov. 16:24). Be Prayerful In Your … Continue reading My Daily “To-Do” List


Neal Pollard Open Table, a company that facilitates reservations at better restaurants, sent a quiz today to test my familiarity with some of the more sophisticated menu terms one encounters. I made 40%, and at least a few of my right answers were lucky guesses. Truly, I’ve never heard of “okonomiyaki,” “Harissa,” “gochujang,” or “crudo.” … Continue reading DO WE HAVE CONFUSING MENU TERMS?

Would Jesus Scrub Grape Juice Stains?

Neal Pollard Bob Russell tells the story of Dwight Day, a UPS pilot who had come back to church after many years away. Russell walked into the auditorium one day to catch Day scrubbing grape juice stains off the pews. This pilot was an important man with sufficient money to hire someone to do the … Continue reading Would Jesus Scrub Grape Juice Stains?


Neal Pollard We are going through photos of Gary for a collage to be used at Sunday's church graduation party.  It has been quite an exercise in nostalgia and reminiscence.  I have seen everything from his baby pictures to his senior pictures, with every stage in between the two.  My how he has changed and … Continue reading Snapshots

“Mine, Mine, Mine, Mine, Mine…”

Neal Pollard My good friend, the late Bill Snell, enjoyed telling a story about a preacher who was staying for several days with a brother in Christ, his wife, and their little 5-year-old son.  Every morning, the woman of the house made a hot breakfast that included the flakiest, fluffiest biscuits he had ever tasted.  … Continue reading “Mine, Mine, Mine, Mine, Mine…”


Neal Pollard Yesterday marked the tenth anniversary of the largest act of terrorism against our nation, better known to the world as 9/11. Today's newspaper in Pittsburgh was filled with news items and articles surrounding this ominous anniversary. Among these were several items regarding security scares at various airports and flights. In New York, a … Continue reading HEIGHTENED SENSITIVITY