Things We’d Never Sing, But Often Say

  Neal Pollard “I Don’t Like Thy Kingdom Lord…” What are we saying to our spouse, children, and other bystanders when we get into the habit of criticizing the worship, leadership, and fellow Christians? We’re ready to talk about all that’s wrong with our congregation and all we wished was better. What is a witnessContinue reading “Things We’d Never Sing, But Often Say”

Learning A Lesson From A Lantern

Wednesday’s Column: Third’s Words Gary Pollard I’m a big fan of old fashioned lighting, especially old kerosene lanterns because they’re simple. I went to light one of my lanterns and the flame wouldn’t stay alive for more than a few seconds. I thought, “Maybe the vent is covered in carbon and there isn’t enough oxygenContinue reading “Learning A Lesson From A Lantern”


Wednesday’s Column: Third’s Words Gary Pollard I’m a red-blooded American. I love my rights, I love my guns, I love my country, I love my freedoms. I am filled with patriotic pride whenever these things come into play and whenever this great country succeeds. I love the United States of America.  It hit me whilstContinue reading “Patriotism”

A Simple Way To Identify The Church Jesus Started 

Tuesday’s Column: Dale Mail Dale Pollard   There are just too many voices in the world today muddying the waters when it comes to 21st Century Christianity. In fact, the term “Christianity” doesn’t mean much to the average person. In fact, the average person will most likely have several friends who carry this title andContinue reading “A Simple Way To Identify The Church Jesus Started “

Mysterious Seeds

Monday’s Column: Neal At The Cross Neal Pollard In recent weeks, packets of seeds have been mailed to apparently random homes across the country. Dozens of folks received the seeds, which have Chinese labels but have not been confirmed as originating from China. A few days ago, the USDA confirmed that the seeds were harmlessContinue reading “Mysterious Seeds”