“Secret Service”

Wednesday’s Column: Third’s Words Gary Pollard Whenever we hear about the United States Secret Service, we generally picture an elite agent with dark sunglasses and an earpiece. They certainly are elite, with only 1% of 15,600 applicants being accepted as Special Agents in 2011. They have extremely important jobs, from protecting the president and hisContinue reading ““Secret Service””


Dale Pollard Hey men, what makes a good wife?  If I had the courage to ask a few random guys watching the football game at the local Applebees, they might give me a few stereotypical male answers. Some of them might say,  “Well a good wife should be a good cook!”  or “A good wifeContinue reading ““A GREAT WIFE””

“Praying The Scriptures”

MONDAY’S COLUMN: NEAL AT THE CROSS Neal Pollard Yesterday morning, Chuck Raymer prayed an especially beautiful prayer, well-thought-out and earnest, but also filled with quotations of Bible verses or parts of them (near the beginning, he quoted Psalm 100:3)(his prayer begins at about 6:30 of the recording on YouTube of yesterday morning’s service: It startsContinue reading ““Praying The Scriptures””

“Christianity Is Not Communist”

Friday’s Column: Brent’s Biblical Bytes This article requires a preface. Christianity is apolitical. Were our Savior in the voting booth, He would not have a party affiliation. Though I cannot say Jesus Christ would stand with David Lipscomb, advocating Christians abstain entirely from political involvement, I know our Lord would remind us that the FatherContinue reading ““Christianity Is Not Communist””

4 Steps To Overcoming Peer Pressure

Thursday’s Column: Carlnormous Comments   Peer pressure is a topic that is usually directed toward young people. While this is something that is possibly more temping to teens and young people, adults will struggle with it as well.   Since I was in my teens just two years ago, I can still clearly remember allContinue reading “4 Steps To Overcoming Peer Pressure”

“Self-Sufficient Study”

Wednesday’s Column: Third’s Words Gary Pollard All gas internal combustion engines require three things to operate: fuel, spark, and compression. If one of the three is working improperly, a number of symptoms can arise. This is an oversimplification, of course, but those three systems must be mostly operable in order to be usable.  Troubleshooting canContinue reading ““Self-Sufficient Study””

“Was Jesus Really A Carpenter?”

Tuesday’s Column: Dale Mail Dale Pollard “Is this not the carpenter, the son of Mary, brother of James, Joses, and Judas and Simon? Are not His sisters here with us? And they took offense at Him. Then Jesus said ‘a prophet is not without honor except in his hometown among relatives and those of hisContinue reading ““Was Jesus Really A Carpenter?””

“The Hardworking Lazy Person”

Monday’s Column: Neal At The Cross Neal Pollard It sounds contradictory to refer to someone as hardworking and lazy, so clarification is necessary. There is a word found eleven times in the New Testament (in the NASB), translated “eager” (once),  “be diligent” (four times), and “make every effort” (six times). It conveys the idea ofContinue reading ““The Hardworking Lazy Person””

“Created for His Enjoyment? “

Friday’s Column: Brent’s Biblical Bytes Brent Pollard While in college, I accompanied a friend to Chattanooga to pick up her car from her parents. Both of us were from rural Appalachia and shared a love for nature. Thus, learning that the Tennessee Aquarium was our rendezvous point did not surprise me. It was my firstContinue reading ““Created for His Enjoyment? “”


Thursday’s Column: Carlnormous Comments Carl Pollard I couldn’t help but notice all the different reactions from people when the president got sick last week. I found myself reading several media outlets that released articles saying they were hoping he would die. They went on to say that he was old and obese and the chancesContinue reading ““WHEN HE GOT SICK””