TUESDAY COLUMN: "DALE MAIL" Dale Pollard The book of Jonah is a unique book in the Old Testament. Unlike other prophetic books, God chooses to focus on the prophet himself rather than the message being preached by him. While many lessons can be pulled from this four chapter book, there’s one in particular that we … Continue reading THE HEART OF JONAH

God Is Always In Control

Neal Pollard While the knowledge of my fear of snakes is widespread, some of the events of my past that hardened that horror as less so. A couple of years before moving to Colorado, we were hit by Hurricane Isabel. On our one acre lot, we had well over 100 trees. In fact, about 100 … Continue reading God Is Always In Control

Who Can Be Against Us?

Neal Pollard Have you ever had someone that seemed to have it out for you? Not only did they not like you, but they actively undermined you. They may have slandered you or even lied about you. You may have even felt that they were trying to ruin your life! Have you ever had something … Continue reading Who Can Be Against Us?

Attributing Work To The Holy Spirit

Neal Pollard Inquiring minds want to know.  How does God work through providence? How does He answer our prayers to strengthen, help, lead, and endow us with wisdom? We are without doubt that God is active, interested, and involved in our lives today. Deism denies this, saying that a Creator set things in motion and … Continue reading Attributing Work To The Holy Spirit


Neal Pollard It is a true paradox. Today,  I’ve been married longer than I have ever been.  I’ve been a father longer than I have ever been.  The same is true for me as a Christian, a preacher, and every other relationship I am in.  My experience in all of these has never been greater … Continue reading THE MORE I KNOW, THE LESS I KNOW

“The People…In The Wilderness”

Neal Pollard Shortly before Joab turns the tide of Absalom’s rebellion by killing him, David, the rebel’s father, had reached a low ebb in his reign.  David and his faithful followers had been on the run from Absalom for some time, hiding and trying to escape rout and death. Worry was a regular exercise for … Continue reading “The People…In The Wilderness”

The American Chicken In Chittagong

  Neal Pollard Almost five years ago, I was sitting in an unlocked car with Ralph Williams on the streets of Chittagong, Bangladesh.  Our driver and a native preacher had gone into an alley to find some breakfast for us.  It was about 7:00 AM, and all at once hundreds of men in full Muslim … Continue reading The American Chicken In Chittagong


  Neal Pollard Something happened yesterday that makes me ashamed.  Before I share that, consider a prayer that we pray--or should pray--with frequency.  We say in public prayer and many of us in private prayer, "Lord, please open a door of opportunity."  That's scriptural and it follows the great example of Paul, who said, "Praying … Continue reading HE PUTS THEM IN OUR PATH