“Redemption Is Tailor-Made For The Wretched”

Neal Pollard If you did not know the source of this quote already, you might be hard-pressed to guess it.  This was said by Stanley “Tookie” Williams, two weeks before he was executed in California in 2005 for four 1979 murders he committed while the apparent leader of The Crips gang in Los Angeles.  Though … Continue reading “Redemption Is Tailor-Made For The Wretched”


Neal Pollard A new preacher was moving to work with a church in a community where there were several more congregations. Two of the preachers already working in that area met for lunch and the conversation soon moved to the new preacher. One of the men asked, "Have you ever heard of this guy before?" … Continue reading “NO, HE’S ABOUT LIKE YOU!”


Neal Pollard It was the late '70s and I was spending the night with my best friends, Patrick and Jody Smith.  We had just finished watching The Bionic Man on TV, and there was a special on Muhammad Ali.  I can still remember his banter with Howard Cosell and the gifted boxer looking at the … Continue reading WRONG QUESTION: “WHO’S THE GREATEST?”

“No Doubt You Are The People, And Wisdom Will Die With You!”

        Neal PollardThis is, in my estimation, the most withering of Job's comebacks to those miserable comforters introduced to us as his friends, Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar (2:11).  The statement is made by Job in Job 12:2 at the end of the first cycle of speeches by these friends, in all of which are accusations and … Continue reading “No Doubt You Are The People, And Wisdom Will Die With You!”

The Value Of Self-Forgetfulness (Poem)

Neal Pollard Imagine a garden of flowers With a rose in its midst in full bloom This one blossom feels that it towers Over all others sharing its space and room It's sure that its pedals are most plush No other more red in its hue No stem greener, no rival more lush It sought … Continue reading The Value Of Self-Forgetfulness (Poem)


Neal Pollard There are people who die some very gruesome deaths in Scripture--Eglon, Jezebel, the Levite's concubine in Judges 19, Judas, and others, too.  But maybe none is more disturbing than the death of Herod the Great.  A wicked, godless ruler, Herod  Agrippa I had just overseen the execution of the apostle James and intended … Continue reading THE GLORY-HOG

“Does The Bible Really Teach That?”

Neal Pollard Perhaps you have had a chuckle at the "chimney corner Scriptures"--those things that sound like or we think that are in the Bible but are not ("Let your conscience be your guide" or "confession is good for the soul" or "God works in a mysterious way").  It is not as funny when our … Continue reading “Does The Bible Really Teach That?”

Stay Humble And Hungry

Neal Pollard Yes, today is one of the best days in sports on the whole calendar, the start of March Madness.  Brackets will be busted.  Cinderella stories will be written.  Usually, juggernauts will eventually reign.  It is a big day for Colorado basketball, as the Buffaloes make the field for the first time since 2003.  … Continue reading Stay Humble And Hungry


Neal Pollard It is a word seemingly requiring an unabridged dictionary. It means "employing impressive words and an exaggeratedly solemn and dignified style or using important- sounding words" (Encarta).  To use the word in a sentence, "The preacher magniloquently threw around words like 'magniloquence.'" The Bible places a great premium on the sort of words … Continue reading MAGNILOQUENCE

“Keep Me From Exalting Myself”

Neal Pollard There is no prayer in scripture where any person asked this specific thing of God.  Men asked, "Keep me from wicked hands" (Ps. 140:4), "keep me from harm and pain" (1 Chron. 4:10), and "keep me safe" (Ps. 17:8).  Instead, humankind suffers from an all-too common tendency of exalting self.  We want people … Continue reading “Keep Me From Exalting Myself”