Dark Churches

Neal Pollard I was intrigued by an article written by Janet Thompson of crosswalk.com. The eye-catching title asked, "Why Is The Church Going Dark?" She meant this literally. Her complaint was about the design of many auditoriums having dim lighting and being windowless, almost like a movie theatre or concert venue. She wondered if this … Continue reading Dark Churches

I Am Not Irreplaceable 

Neal Pollard It is said to have housed between 400,000 to 700,000 scrolls containing essentially everything that had been written up to its point in time. But the Royal Library of Alexandria, Egypt, was eventually destroyed. The first residential university, home to perhaps 2000 teachers and 10,000 students from the fifth to the 12th century … Continue reading I Am Not Irreplaceable 

Having Real Wasabi

Jackson Davidson Who here likes wasabi?  Who here even knows what wasabi is?  It's a spicy, green plant used in or with many Japanese foods like sushi, and chances are,  you've never had the real thing.  Only thirteen percent of wasabi is the real thing.  Most is just horseradish colored green.  And the reason that … Continue reading Having Real Wasabi

Your Impact

Gary Pollard III (Hope, AR) On August 6 and 9, 1945, the United States dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The bomb itself, compared to the city, was quite small; the devastation is still at the front of many minds today. There is a lot of evidence on earth of multiple meteor impacts. It is … Continue reading Your Impact

Are You Willing To Be A Maintenance Worker?

Neal Pollard Near the end of the epistle to Titus, Paul writes, “And let our people also learn to maintain good works, to meet urgent needs, that they may not be unfruitful” (3:14). This verse teaches that Christianity involves maintenance work. Everyone enjoys a finished product, few like putting it together, and fewer enjoy repairing … Continue reading Are You Willing To Be A Maintenance Worker?


Neal Pollard Sanctification is one of those words used in more than one sense in the New Testament. It usually means the state of having been made holy (Rom. 6:19,22; 2 Th. 2:13; 1 Pt. 1:2), but it also is used in the sense of moral purity (see especially 1 Th. 4:2ff).  There is no … Continue reading BEING SANCTIFIED WITHOUT BEING SHELTERED

I Have Learned…

That some people are not happy unless they’re in a fight with someone. That there are still lost people hungry for to know God’s will for their lives. That it is so easy to make excuses and so hard to make the effort. That I still have so much to learn, so far to go, … Continue reading I Have Learned…


Neal Pollard My sister is taking a meal to the sick My brother has gone a wayward one to see They both were busy, no “convenient” time to pick But what about me? They invite their neighbors to come to church Have over people with frequency and glee For good deeds they seem to constantly … Continue reading WHAT ABOUT ME? (POEM)


Neal Pollard Two wonderful upcoming events should have us excited! Vacation Bible School is a prime opportunity for us to be evangelistic with our neighbors, friends, and co-workers.  It showcases the many talented people we have in our education program for children and it is always pulled off in an impressive way.  Our seminar/gospel meeting … Continue reading THIS SATURDAY’S DOOR-KNOCKING


Neal Pollard Those sugar bananas that grow in tropical and equatorial climates are unbelievably tasty. How about a sweet watermelon (especially seedless) on a hot, summer day? The best peaches probably grow in Fort Valley, Georgia, Chilton County, Alabama, or Palisade, Colorado. It is amazing how sweet a mango or red grape can taste. Surely, … Continue reading GOD LOVES FRUIT