From The Pollard Poetry Archives (III)

From The Pollard Poetry Archives (III)

Two Prayers In The Temple
Neal Pollard

Up high and proud my boasts I declare
I brag and I crow with my head in the air
Til I look in the corner and see him down there
Why is that poor sinner locked up in despair?

I abstain from eating two days every week
I give money too freely, Thy thanks I now seek.
Why is that man crying, the tears stain his cheek
He’s beating his chest, must be some kind of trick.

Lord, I’m not like the swindler, the philanderer, the cheat,
Or even like that tax collector with whose prayer I compete,
I’m walking out now, Lord, my preening’s complete,
But I’ll see You here next time my boasts to repeat

While scarcely detected a man whispered his plea
His face to the floor, if not on one knee
All the sinner could say was, “Be merciful to me!”
And he left more justified than the proud Pharisee.
(Luke 18:9-14)

(prayJune 8, 1997)

2 thoughts on “From The Pollard Poetry Archives (III)

  1. Dear Neal, my beloved brother, I read Brent’s column in which he mentioned being hospitalized for 3 and a half months. Can you share with me what happened or his illness? We will be praying for his complete recovery!

    1. It started with a perforated colon but was complicated by his being put on a ventilator. His condition deteriorated and he was at or near a comatose state and fighting organ failure. We feared losing him at many points during especially the early and middle part of this. So many prayers and God’s choice to allow him to stay have so encouraged us. He’s still doing PT and is trying to get his vocal strength back, but he’s come so far! We’re grateful and I appreciate your prayers, brother. I appreciate your kindness and love in reaching out. It means so much.

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