Neal Pollard Melissa Smith contacted KGTV in San Diego, California, to make an interesting report.  She had watched a pregnant woman and her little boy beg for money at a local shopping center.  Many people gave the woman money.  Melissa happened to watch the woman, who held a sign reading “Please Help,” get into a … Continue reading BEGGAR IN A BENZ

Gratitude (POEM)

Neal Pollard An attitude of gratitude Gives anyone the latitude To express with joy Each girl or boy Or adult, too, with fortitude That "I am blessed" And if it's confessed We all are given From God in heaven What's right and best. But everywhere From here to there Folks forget to say Or thank … Continue reading Gratitude (POEM)


Neal Pollard I have not had the heart or stomach to watch the viral video of Karen Klein, who achieved infamy at the hands of the proverbial children left to themselves (cf. Prov. 29:15) who hopefully brought shame to their mothers.  But, I saw snippets of her being poked and prodded, and I have read … Continue reading BANES AND BLESSINGS