Learning A Lesson From A Lantern

Wednesday’s Column: Third’s Words Gary Pollard I’m a big fan of old fashioned lighting, especially old kerosene lanterns because they’re simple. I went to light one of my lanterns and the flame wouldn’t stay alive for more than a few seconds. I thought, “Maybe the vent is covered in carbon and there isn’t enough oxygenContinue reading “Learning A Lesson From A Lantern”

Fantastic Fact About Forgiveness

Wednesday’s Column: Third’s Words Gary Pollard When we forgive someone we usually do not forget what we forgave. Unless there is an underlying condition, our minds do not automatically or immediately delete irrelevant information, like something we no longer hold against another person. Because of this, it can be hard to understand what God’s forgivenessContinue reading “Fantastic Fact About Forgiveness”


Wednesday’s Column: Third’s Words Gary Pollard III I believe that God exists. I believe that He communicated with His creation by direct contact, messengers, and a series of ancient texts. I believe that He wants His human creation to be with Him after they die. I believe that He expects those who claim to beContinue reading “WHY DO YOU BELIEVE?”

What Vision Is

Neal Pollard It is the ability to see what a thing could be. A carpenter, looking at a tree, sees with a trained eye much more than others can see. With his expert shaping, appropriate tools, and seasoned patience, he can make out of that tree what was once only in his mind. The LordContinue reading “What Vision Is”

The Church Is Perfect, But It Isn’t

Neal Pollard After a weekend full of lessons which built our appreciation for Christ’s church, I have a renewed appreciation for the incredible institution God premeditated from eternity.  The Ephesian epistle paints the picture of the church as Jesus’ bride, army, body, inheritance, and family.  This exalted picture is at odds with many, from aContinue reading “The Church Is Perfect, But It Isn’t”

“No Doubt You Are The People, And Wisdom Will Die With You!”

                Neal Pollard This is, in my estimation, the most withering of Job’s comebacks to those miserable comforters introduced to us as his friends, Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar (2:11).  The statement is made by Job in Job 12:2 at the end of the first cycle of speeches byContinue reading ““No Doubt You Are The People, And Wisdom Will Die With You!””

Staying On The Rails

Neal Pollard Without A Belief In The Bible’s Inspiration… Why would I read, meditate upon, or study it daily (or at all) to guide my life? What will be the paradigm for directing and shaping my life? From where will I draw my understanding of Who Jesus is, what He did, and how I mustContinue reading “Staying On The Rails”