What Are You Living For?

Neal Pollard A man had the good fortune and insight to take a chance with a credit card company in the Baltimore area several decades ago. He retired a wealthy, high ranking executive. In the course of his career, he put together a streak so impressive--35 years in which he never missed a day of … Continue reading What Are You Living For?

Confident And Unafraid

Neal Pollard Some are afraid of death because they’re uncertain of where they are going, but others are afraid of death because they are certain of where they are going! Paul was confident even in the face of death (2 Tim. 4:6-8). He could see his end coming but he embraced it. While it is … Continue reading Confident And Unafraid

Do You Love Your Country?

Neal Pollard Are you one who looks back with affection, Reminiscing about days of yore? Waving flags and praying for protection, For your nation from shore to shore. There are songs and celebrations sweet Speeches that rouse the emotion Fierce loyalty for the land beneath your feet That inspires a most patriotic notion But what … Continue reading Do You Love Your Country?