I Dare You To Jump Off This Wall

Thursday’s Column: Captain’s Blog Carl Pollard Peer pressure was a topic that I was taught a lot as a teen. Many have the false assumption that only teens struggle with peer pressure. While it is true that as a young person it is easier to be persuaded, adults and mature Christians can fall for peerContinue reading “I Dare You To Jump Off This Wall”

The Angels’ Struggle (And Ours)

Wednesday’s Column: Third’s Words Gary Pollard We sometimes have a tendency to give up when we mess up spiritually. We’ll think, “Guess I blew it, there’s no point in trying now.” Guilt or frustration over the difficulty of living for God and falling short is a powerful Achilles Heel of ours. Paul describes our struggleContinue reading “The Angels’ Struggle (And Ours)”

The Guest 

Tuesday’s Column: Dale Mail Dale Pollard A knock came on my door one day, I opened and it was Sin Before that moment we hadn’t met, but still I let him in He made me laugh, and seemed alright so I let him stay a night As host, I tended his every need though heContinue reading “The Guest “

When the Tempter Has You Out On A Limb

Friday’s Column: Supplemental Strength Brent Pollard   You can learn much by observing nature. Not only can one know God by looking at nature (Romans 1.18-20), he can learn specific lessons on various topics by looking at specific aspects of God’s creation (e.g. ants teach industry, Proverbs 6.6-8). I was watching a humorous scene outsideContinue reading “When the Tempter Has You Out On A Limb”

Satan’s Schemes

Neal Pollard Paul makes an interesting statement while addressing the successful effort the Corinthian church made in disciplining an erring brother along with the successful outcome of his having repented. He urges them to show him love, comfort, and forgiveness. The bottom line Paul gives for the urgency of their obedience is “so that noContinue reading “Satan’s Schemes”

The Peril Of “Covering Up”

Neal Pollard Misty Ann Weaver made a tragic decision.  The Houston-area licensed vocational nurse is charged in the burning death of three people after she started a fire in her six-story office building.  Why did she take such horrible measures that resulted in the unnecessary, tragic deaths of these victims?  She was  apparently behind onContinue reading “The Peril Of “Covering Up””

When Will I Ever Be Free…

Neal Pollard …Of concerns over the future–decisions to make, the specter of tomorrow, growing old, retirement? …Of sin–fighting temptation and not always winning, beating one thing and then finding another cropping up in its place, and the guilt it brings? …Of disappointment–both of what I inflict and what is inflicted upon me? …Of fear–when itContinue reading “When Will I Ever Be Free…”

Right Back Into The Deep

Neal Pollard I read the account of Ron Ingraham, who was lost at sea last December in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Hawaii after his boat had taken on a dangerous amount of water.  He was presumed dead by the Coast Guard after he made distress calls and they responded, searching for fourContinue reading “Right Back Into The Deep”


Neal Pollard Those of us who grew up in the ‘70s and ‘80s remember the infamous Life cereal commercial featuring “Mikey,” the finicky little boy who liked the taste of that cereal.  Somewhere along the way, the story got out that Mikey—whose real-life name is John Gilchrist—ate Pop-Rocks candy, washed it down with a Coca-Cola,Continue reading “MIKEY, LIFE, AND POP ROCKS”

“The People…In The Wilderness”

Neal Pollard Shortly before Joab turns the tide of Absalom’s rebellion by killing him, David, the rebel’s father, had reached a low ebb in his reign.  David and his faithful followers had been on the run from Absalom for some time, hiding and trying to escape rout and death. Worry was a regular exercise forContinue reading ““The People…In The Wilderness””