What Does The Bible Say?

Monday’s Column: Neal at the Cross Neal Pollard Most people have very strong convictions, pro or con, about religious matters.  Many who claim to be religious form opinions and draw conclusions with very little if any biblical consultation.  How ironic is it to claim to follow God while ignoring and even rejecting His very revealedContinue reading “What Does The Bible Say?”

“Weaponizing” The Bible

Neal Pollard While politicians have quoted the Bible as far back as the founding fathers, have you noticed the trend especially in the last 20 years or so to use Scripture to push a policy or score a point? Perhaps it’s to pander to a group or to reinforce one’s position. During the historic impeachmentContinue reading ““Weaponizing” The Bible”


Neal Pollard “Big dummy!” That can be a derogatory statement or the description of a large mannequin. Context makes all the difference! So it is with matters of infinitely greater significance. So much religious error exists because of a failure to consider the context of biblical passages. Our friends in religion who believe that JesusContinue reading “TRY THE CONTEXT!”

A Precept, A Principle, And A Practice

                Neal Pollard Whether we are preaching, teaching, or simply trying to engage in spiritual self-improvement in personal study, our approach to Scripture, to be profitable, should have three basic components for maximum effectiveness.  When we are studying a Bible book and engaging in proper interpretation, we willContinue reading “A Precept, A Principle, And A Practice”