What The Blood Of Christ Meant

Neal Pollard To Christ, an expression of love (John 15:13) To God, an appeasement of His wrath (Rom. 5:9). To the Devil, the scribes, and Pharisees, a sign of their supposed victory (Heb. 2:14; John 19:6ff). To the mob, apparent weakness (Mat. 27:42). To the disciples, seeming defeat (John 21:3). To those who lived rebelliously, … Continue reading What The Blood Of Christ Meant

The Blood of Christ

Neal Pollard The topic above should cause one’s mind to focus on some precise areas. Naturally, the blood of Christ implies thoughts of the “incarnation” of Christ (that Christ took on the form of man, while all God, and thus had blood coursing through His veins; Philippians 2:8). The blood of Christ further induces from … Continue reading The Blood of Christ

Curing Gray Hair?

Neal Pollard As one who has been possessed of gray hair since college, I was particularly intrigued by the article I ran across from Popular Science.  A cream developed for a skin condition called "vitiligo" helped to restore lost pigment in the skin of some of those suffering from it.  Researchers believe it might do … Continue reading Curing Gray Hair?


Neal Pollard The blood that cost Him His life means life for me. The blood that brought Him pain in shedding it brings me eternal peace. The blood that, when He shed so much of it, surely caused Him sickness and fever heals my sin-sick soul. The blood that was lost to Him is applied … Continue reading IRONIES ABOUT THE BLOOD OF CHRIST