Preach Him!

Preach Him!

Preach Him…

  • In spite of opposition.
  • When men sin.
  • When men hurt.
  • When the world is on the brink of disaster.
  • When all forsake you.
  • When the stakes are high.
  • When men don’t listen.
  • When anguish sweeps over your soul.
  • When it is not popular.
  • To all men…black…white…rich…poor…educated…uneducated…nice…hateful…friends….enemies…high…low…
  • When paid and when not paid.
  • When you have to stand alone.
  • When exhausted.
  • When it would be easier not to.
  • To those who listen…those who will not listen…with hearts open…with hearts closed
  • Till Jesus comes.
Preach him!   –Billy Lambert, 2016 Bear Valley Lectures

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