My Study With Armando

Neal Pollard This morning, I had the opportunity to have an impromptu Bible study with a man who introduced himself as Pastor Dr. Armando.  He wanted to find a congregation who would allow his ministry and followers a place to work and worship.  Prayerfully, I listened to him and looked for my opportunity to turn … Continue reading My Study With Armando

Was It “A Sobering Judgment On Human Endeavors”?

Neal Pollard I am currently enjoying the book, "What Hath God Wrought?"--a book that covers a period in America commonly called "manifest destiny" or Jacksonian America, when America's borders, resources, and prominence expanded in unprecedented fashion.  Pulitzer Prize winner Daniel Walker Howe does an excellent job covering every facet of life in the United States … Continue reading Was It “A Sobering Judgment On Human Endeavors”?