A Wonderful Savior!

Neal Pollard Since I was a boy, "A Wonderful Savior" has been one of my favorite hymns. A multitude of reasons are cited in this beautiful song, all of which builds my adoration for the Lamb of God! Let me suggest three reasons why I think Jesus is a wonderful Savior. He has a wonderful … Continue reading A Wonderful Savior!

Avoiding A Ride On An Ancient Cycle

Neal Pollard It has been called “The Dark Ages Of The Old Testament.” During the period of the judges, there was moral, economic, social, political and religious decline. We often read that, during this time, the children of Israel did that which was evil in the sight of the Lord. History keeps repeating itself in … Continue reading Avoiding A Ride On An Ancient Cycle


Neal PollardA little less than a century ago, Henry Barraclough wrote one of the most unique, lyrically-rich songs in our songbook.  The musical arrangement is soothing in a way that matches the meaning of the words.  However, its poetry has caused some problems.The first verse begins, "My Lord has garments so wondrous fine, and myrrh … Continue reading SINGING WITH THE UNDERSTANDING: “IVORY PALACES”