Neal Pollard A child was sent to school one day, By parents walking the narrow way, The child learned many a concrete rule, On Math and English in that school. The history class did pretty well, Spelling and language arts were swell, But right before lunch, to science class, Biology lessons one needed to pass. … Continue reading INTELLIGENT DESIGN

See The Living God (Poem)

Neal Pollard I cannot stop staring at the mountains and the skies The beauty is so breathless, an endless feast for my eyes I cannot look at all this and give credit to luck or chance I’m a victor of the Creator, not a victim of circumstance. The heavens preach this sermon, Our God He … Continue reading See The Living God (Poem)


Neal Pollard Waters vast and oceans deep create a marvel and wonder By its volume and power but also the creatures that you’ll find thereunder. The stars and planets, galaxies, the universe, the vastness of outer space The finest particles and smallest molecules, the most infinitesimal place. The power of the greatest man who rules … Continue reading A TRUTH IN THE MIDST OF TRANSIENCE (poem)


Neal Pollard Film director, James Cameron, has helped put the Mariana Trench in the news with his recent seven mile plunge to the bottom of the deepest point on earth.  This trench, located in the western Pacific Ocean off the Philippines, has a water pressure of eight tons per square inch--1000 times greater than atmospheric … Continue reading GOD OF THE MARIANA TRENCH