Cure Them With Kindness!

Neal Pollard A comedienne draws attention for being mean-spirited and cutting when roasting a White House press secretary recently. While cringe-worthy, it’s hardly an isolated incident. Nor is it confined to Washington politics, being seen across the spectrum of society. Civility has taken a beating in the current culture. Social media may be a breeding … Continue reading Cure Them With Kindness!

“Truly In Vain Is Salvation Hoped For From…”

  A politician or political party. Wall Street. Military might. Our net worth or economic savvy. Government programs. The second amendment. Popularity and fame. The worship of nature. Exercise and fitness. The appeal of our good looks. Walls. The importance of our occupation or position. Our national identity. The Supreme Court. Ethnicity and race. Science … Continue reading “Truly In Vain Is Salvation Hoped For From…”


Neal Pollard The shortest inaugural address was George Washington's second, in 1793, and it was comprised of 193 words! William Henry Harrison, though raised a cultured, educated man, campaigned on a folksy ticket symbolized by the log cabin. To set a different, more cultured tone for his presidency, Harrison decided to give a lengthy, erudite … Continue reading LONGEST SPEECH, SHORTEST TERM