“Please Let My Mom Stop Smoking”

Neal Pollard It was written on the back of a recent attendance card by one who seems to be pretty young--less than ten years old.  I did not recognize the child's name, so I would guess it to be a visitor.  Yet, the plaintive cry pulls at my heartstrings. Ironically, another visitor (a grown man) … Continue reading “Please Let My Mom Stop Smoking”


Neal Pollard We are to be godly in relationship to the world (2:1-7) We are to be godly in relationship to our roles in the church, men and then women (2:8-15) We are to be godly in relationship to the church by leadership (3:1-13) We are to be godly in relationship to Christ (3:13-16) We … Continue reading GODLINESS IN 1 TIMOTHY

“How Does The Spirit Indwell The Christian?” (Or, Some Guys Just Love Trouble)

Neal Pollard The controversy preceded my birth.  Wendell Winkler was the first man I remember talking about the Open Forum, spirited debate between Gus Nichols and Guy N. Woods over how the Holy Spirit indwells the Christian.  In those days, despite the vigor with which each man presented his view, the matter was not seen … Continue reading “How Does The Spirit Indwell The Christian?” (Or, Some Guys Just Love Trouble)

A Global Adversary

Neal Pollard In the wake of the recent siege on an upscale mall in Nairobi, Kenya, the Kenyan Government has mentioned the possible role played by American teen boys and a British woman--perhaps the infamous "White Widow" linked to the London Bombing in 2005--in the deadly attack led by Somali militants.  Since our nation went … Continue reading A Global Adversary

Someone Is Always Listening

Neal Pollard If you are a college football fan, you have likely heard your fill of coverage about Nebraska Head Coach Bo Pelini.  Two years ago, before giving a post-game interview following a victory over Ohio State, he had a very frank, foul discussion with the Nebraska play-by-play man.  Somehow, someone recorded the whole thing. … Continue reading Someone Is Always Listening


Neal Pollard I was in Harrisonburg, Virginia, holding a gospel meeting for the Central congregation.  In the mornings, I was putting finishing touches on lessons on the Conquest through Divided Kingdom which I would be teaching the next week in Coimbatore, India.  That was what I was doing on Tuesday morning while Kathy took our … Continue reading PLANES AND PLANS


Neal Pollard Unfortunately, most of us are guilty of it.  Some call it "jumping to conclusions" (which, as it has been noted, can be a very painful exercise), others "reaching a verdict without a trial."  This usually happens when we venture to guess another person's motives or judge a person's life without having all the … Continue reading THE PROBLEMS WITH PRESUMPTION

“Does The Bible Really Teach That?”

Neal Pollard Perhaps you have had a chuckle at the "chimney corner Scriptures"--those things that sound like or we think that are in the Bible but are not ("Let your conscience be your guide" or "confession is good for the soul" or "God works in a mysterious way").  It is not as funny when our … Continue reading “Does The Bible Really Teach That?”


Neal Pollard The Beatles first album was released. The first Kmart and the first Wal-Mart opened their doors for business. West Side Story wins for best motion picture at the Academy Awards. Mandatory public prayer in schools are ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.  Wilt Chamberlin scores 100 points in a single basketball game. Marilyn … Continue reading 1962