“Let Them Alone”

Neal Pollard It is a commendable mixture of righteous indignation, conviction, and affection for the Lord and His church to want to answer all the critics, rebut all the troublemakers, defend all the reputations, and fight all the false teaching out there.  Knowing how best to deal with the pot-stirrers or the novel-doctrine-peddlers can cause … Continue reading “Let Them Alone”


Neal Pollard (Imagine The Following 1st-Century Social Media Thread) “Apostles And Disciples On Facebook” James of Jerusalem: I believe the gospel should only go to the Jews. Or at least we should circumcise Gentiles who want to become Christians. Simon Peter: Poor James.  I used to think that way, too.  But I know better.  You … Continue reading SARCASTIC, STORMY SQUABBLES AMONG THE SAINTS