Neal Pollard Terrorist madmen shoot up a school in Pakistan and kill over 100 people, mostly children.  A politically correct society is close to forbidding biblical teaching on matters that violates its bombastic code.  Pluralism (all religious paths are equally valid) and syncretism (blending two or more religious belief systems into a new system) seem … Continue reading PINPOINTING THE PROBLEM


Neal Pollard I love the World War II generation and the enormous impact they have had on our nation!  Perhaps no generation has had a greater challenge since them than the one presently coming to maturity.  Last night, at Teens In The Word, we asked the teens to describe the religious philosophy of their peers … Continue reading A VISIT TO A TEEN’S RELIGIOUS WORLD

Happy Wicca Day?

Neal Pollard The News Centinel, the Knoxville newspaper, reports that Vanderbilt has among its holidays a Wiccan holiday listed on the BBC Interfaith Calendar.  Vandy administration says it cannot know how many students officially adhere to the pagan or Wiccan "faith," but those who claim to be will be freed from classes to dance around … Continue reading Happy Wicca Day?