Do You Want A Better Life?

Neal Pollard Who would answer “no” to that question? Who wants a worse life or a life that never gets better? But the better question is, “How do you get a better life?” Advertisers have so many answers to that, involving their currency or investment tool, their pill, diet, or workout routine, their travel agency … Continue reading Do You Want A Better Life?

Reflections At Middle Age

Neal Pollard The first few decades we rush ahead Wanting time to fly, but it creeps instead Impatient to be older, sure that it's our way To freedom and happiness, where we'll leisurely play. Sure enough time goes rapidly by Flashing so speedily, we watch it fly Moments of grandeur, days that are grueling Ordinary stretches our … Continue reading Reflections At Middle Age

“Is Living Longer Always Better?”

Neal Pollard Janice Lloyd writes about the medical profession and their ethics for helping the dying and their loved ones face death, especially in cases of terminal illness.  While the USA Today article (3/7/12) stops considerably short of advocating euthanasia ("mercy-killing"), even the title is provocative.  The article does not expressly call for such measures, but … Continue reading “Is Living Longer Always Better?”