Are You A Bread Squeezer?

Neal Pollard Samuel Feldman may hold the distinction as the most famous bread vandal in history. He did $8,000 worth of damage to bread and cookies throughout the Bucks County, Pennsylvania, area. He was going around "poking, pinching, and squeezing" bags of bread and packages of cookies. Finally, one store, suspecting Feldman, put him under … Continue reading Are You A Bread Squeezer?

How Often To Take “The Feast Of Love”?

Neal Pollard I recently read a fascinating article by John H. Armstrong in the September, 2014, issue of "Christianity Today." Armstrong starts out reminiscing on early childhood worship experiences in the denomination he attended. He writes that his church celebrated the Lord's Supper "four times a year. I remember asking why we celebrated it so … Continue reading How Often To Take “The Feast Of Love”?