Assumption Consumption

Monday’s Column: Neal at the Cross Neal Pollard The definition is stark and candid: “A thing that is accepted as true or certain to happen, without proof.” We live in an age where making assumptions is rampant and relentless. In current society, we make assumptions about one another based on political affiliation, skin color, andContinue reading “Assumption Consumption”

Of One the Lord Has Made the Race

Friday’s Column: Supplemental Strength Brent Pollard  John Moody McCaleb was a missionary in Japan for the better part of his life. He moved to the island nation during the Meiji era, in which Japan was sprinting to catch up to the technology and emulate the political philosophy of the West. The war-weary pacifist, David Lipscomb,Continue reading “Of One the Lord Has Made the Race”

Walk With Me Through The Crowd

Monday’s Column: Neal At The Cross Neal Pollard Walk with me through the crowd. At times, it will be frightening, heartbreaking, disgusting, even angering. Some are in masks. Some aren’t. You see far-left and far-right extremists, assaulting each other and maybe threatening you. Past the rioters, the protesters, the grief-stricken. You even see political activistsContinue reading “Walk With Me Through The Crowd”