“3-2, With The Bases Loaded”

Neal Pollard Dave Stewart, former Oakland A's pitcher known for pitching well in the big games, was asked how he was able to shine when the spotlight was brightest. He explained that as children he and his brother would play against each other in the backyard. They would pretend they were in the "big game," … Continue reading “3-2, With The Bases Loaded”

The Religion Of Resolutions

Neal Pollard Have you ever wondered about the origin of New Year’s resolutions? I have. If they are to be trusted, the folks at the History Channel denote the Babylonians, nearly 4,000 years ago, as the founder of such culture-wide determinations. It was as part of a 12-day religious festival known as Akitu. Later, at … Continue reading The Religion Of Resolutions

Excel Still More

Neal Pollard As this year is still very new, you may be looking back at the your past and contemplating your future.  You may be the type that says, "I don't 'do' resolutions."  Perhaps it is silly to suddenly jump into healthier habits and aim for higher heights just because the calendar indicates that the … Continue reading Excel Still More