Only In God Is Rest

Only In God Is Rest

The governing hand of God

Traversing the universe wide

Can calm the wildest storms abroad

While standing by my side!

The discerning Eye in heavenly portals

Who watches all by day and night

Can see the trials of us mere mortals

Viewing His creatures with encompassing sight

The swelling heart of our Heavenly Monarch

Reigning with His powerful Arm

Will lead His children from the dark

And protect us from the threat of harm

Why would one search for any safety

In another port or fortress?

The Heavenly Father faithfully

Makes and offers and gives us rest!

3 thoughts on “Only In God Is Rest

  1. I have wonderfyul joy and rest right now with the lord and his grace will cover us today to be victorious against sin and forces of darkness ,thanks and bless and pry,keijo sweden

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