Neal Pollard

The Thessalonians had a misunderstanding about the day of the Lord as it related to their dead loved ones.  Paul, moved by the Holy Spirit, set the record straight for these Christians.  As he helps them with their struggle, he gives the faithful great heavenly perspective to help them along.

  • INFORMATION–Paul helps them overcome ignorance concern- ing their dead loved ones and the Day of the Lord (13).  The information should alleviate suffering and instead bring hope.  So many are improperly informed about the Day of the Lord.  Information brings proper perspective.
  • INVITING–Our belief in the resurrection of Christ and the power involved in it to raise the dead in Him makes the prospect of the Day of the Lord more attractive (14-15).    What Paul says about that day for the living and the dead makes it something for which the spiritual mind should long.
  • INCREDIBLE–The description of the details of that day are amazing (16-17).  We can try and imagine it, but what we experience goes far beyond that.  Yet, these images do not frighten us.  They are an assurance to us.
  • INSPIRATIONAL–The net effect of Paul’s words in this paragraph is “comfort” (18).  Contemplating how that Day will be for the saved makes us long for it.  We are not living for here and now.  We live now for that endless Day!


  1. I wanted you to stop in the middle of your busy day to take two minutes to read this. It was a really good thought. .

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