Are You “Marked For Greatness”?

Neal Pollard

Maybe you didn’t don a black robe and make a landmark decision as an entire nation waited.  So, your name didn’t appear atop the leader boards of high-profile soccer, golf, or tennis matches.  You weren’t named to the London Olympics.  Your name wasn’t on Forbes list of the richest people in America, and maybe not even Bubba’s list of the richest people in your neighborhood.  You weren’t named to the All-Star team.  Your marital situation was not noteworthy enough to be a hot topic on the news and tabloid TV shows.  You weren’t given a trophy at the BET Awards. But, you still could be marked for greatness.

The word “greatness” appears over 30 times in Scripture.  Did you know it was used positively of a man only once?  In recounting King Ahaseurus’ reign, the book of Esther mentions a book of chronicles of the kings of the Medo-Persian empire in which was recorded “the full account of the greatness of Mordecai (Est. 10:2).  This seems to have stemmed originally from Mordecai’s heroic act of thwarting two of Ahaseurus’ doorkeepers, who plotted to kill the king (6:2ff).  Mordecai was given a place of prominence in the king’s court (8:15; 9:4).  Yet, he was a man understood that a place of greatness, were it bestowed on one, was to be used for God’s glory and His purpose (cf. 4:13-14).

Under Christ, we can accomplish much for Him with our talents and abilities.  Jesus encourages as much (Matt. 25:14-30).  Yet, Paul gives us proper perspective about greatness in 2 Corinthians 4:7.  “But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, so that the surpassing greatness of the power will be of God and not from ourselves.”  2 Corinthians four talks about the power of the “Word of God” (1), the “truth” (1), the “gospel” (2,4), preaching Christ (5), “the knowledge of the glory of God” (6), what Paul calls “this treasure” in verse seven.

Today, greatness is best found not in saving the lives of heads of state.  It is certainly not in winning fleeting fame in pursuits that will ultimately perish.  Greatness is found in sharing God’s Word with the world.  You may never have your name on a trophy or plaque on this earth, but you will have your name in God’s record book.  That Hall of Fame will, on the Judgment Day, be known to all people of all time–what a stage!  Just remember, whatever you do for Him, that the greatness is of God and not from ourselves!

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