Neal Pollard

He Never Attended A Bible Class

But He Was A Christian

His Daily Speech Was Coarse And Crass

But He Was A Christian

He Was Savvy In Business, His Portfolio A Win

The Church Took His Portion, Ignoring His Sin,

He Felt Safe And Sure That The Lord Would Let Him In,

So He Smiled And Said, “I’m A Christian!”

He Never Cracked Open His Bible To Read

But He Was A Christian

To Christ A Lost Soul He Never Stooped To Lead

But He Was A Christian

He Was Cold With The Brethren, Aloof From The Lost

Nobody Could Tell He Had Counted The Cost

He Could Gossip And Be Cutting, He Fussed And He Bossed

This Alleged Christian.

He Had Believed And Repented, Was Immersed The Same Day

Yes, He Was A Christian

Attended The Right Church, He Worshipped The Right Way

This Brother, This Christian

But One Day He Died And When He Opened His Eyes

He Found Himself Tormented To His Great Surprise

And He Cried Out To Christ With Lamentable Cries,

“I Was A Christian. I Was A Christian.”

Then The Lord With Compassion And Pity Replied

To This Christian:

“Why Did You Make Light Of That For Which I Died,

Dear Lost Christian?

You Lived As Though Believing ‘Once Saved, Always Saved’

For Holiness And Righteousness You Never Panted Or Craved

And Decided To Think, Talk, And Live Like The Depraved

Depart From Me, Dear Lost Christian.”

Oh, Let Us Take Seriously Our God-Given Task

And Be Christians

As We Walk In The Light, In His Grace We Can Bask

And Be Christians

But A Genuine Article, Inside And Out

We Must Live Like The Savior, And Live Without Doubt

So In Heaven Forever We Can Sing And Shout,

“I Was Truly A Christian!”

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