Neal Pollard

Those who believe in God do not like the name, and apparently those who do not believe in God like it less.  Those of us who believe Genesis 1:1 to be scientific fact see the huge “discovery” unveiled at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, to be yet another in an endless line of attempts to disprove God.  Several scientists with an evolutionary bias are going to some lengths to show the name a misnomer and totally inappropriate to describe this subatomic particle.  It got its name because it theoretically holds together the electrons, protons, and neutrons that make up atoms.  Some scientists would say it makes atoms, thus the use of “God” as an adjective.  6,000 scientists had been working toward the July 4, 2012, imposed deadline.  They feverish did their research and released their results.  Two independent tests were conducted to cross-check each other’s work.  According to a Washington Post report, “the particle is thought to create a sort of force field that permeates the universe, imbuing everything that we can see and touch with the fundamental property known as mass” (Denver Post, 7/5/12, 12A, Vastag and Achenbach).

The “Higgs Boson” or “God Particle” is thought to be key to “scientists’ understanding of how the world came into being” (ibid.).  While I will leave the more technical and detailed explanations to those qualified to make them, here is what still seems to be a germane observation.  This is yet another elaborate, but failed attempt to find and submit an explanation to others about origins, an explanation that does not include God.   It fails for this fundamental reason.  Even if this particle works exactly as is contended, it leaves a simple question unanswered.  Where did that particle originate?  Did it spontaneously generate, or exactly how did it come into being?  Put another way, “Who created it?”  Slice matter down to its tiniest dimensions and you retain the dilemma.  Is matter eternal or was it created?  No credible person would suggest matter is eternal.  Thus, the “first question” will remain unanswered until God is given due credit and recognition.  However, that will lead to philosophical dilemmas about morality, accountability, divine sovereignty, and more.  So, that implication will no doubt keep the majority of men busy in their laboratories until the day Christ comes again.  Thereafter, theories will give way to unmistakeable proof.  But, then, it will be too late to act on it.

2 thoughts on “THE GOD PARTICLE?

  1. My wife and I were just discussing this today. I don’t think I can add anything to this except the need to instill our Originator and origin into the youth in our homes, the the youth connected with Lord’s body, and other youth as well. You know the evolutionists in the our schools will ride this like a new roller coaster!
    Thanks for the article, Neal!

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