God> Our Hearts (1 John: Part 9)

God> Our Hearts (1 John: Part 9)

Wednesday’s Column: Third’s Words

Gary Pollard

I’ll be repeating the book of I John in present-day terminology. It’s not a true translation of the
book, as I am not qualified to do so. It will be based on an exegetical study of the book and will
lean heavily on the SBL and UBS Greek New Testaments, as well as comparisons with other
translations (ESV, NASB, NIV, ERV, NLT). My goal is to reflect the text accurately, and to
highlight the intent of the author using concepts and vocabulary in common use today.
This is not an “essentially literal” translation, and should be read as something of a

This is how we know what love is: Jesus gave up his own life for everyone. We owe each other
our lives, too. Let’s say one of you is living life to the fullest, financially comfortable and stress-
free. If you notice that one of your brothers or sisters needs basic necessities and you
suppress your feelings of compassion, can God’s love exist in you at all? Children, don’t just
say you love each other – prove it by how you treat each other.

This is how we know we exist in the truth: we can pacify our guilty consciences in front of God
whenever our hearts condemn us. God is more powerful than our hearts and he knows
everything! Loved ones, if our hearts don’t condemn us, we can be completely confident when
we pray to God. If we ask him for something, he’ll give it to us. This is because we do what
he’s asked and we listen to his commands.

These are his commands: believe in his son (Jesus, the king), and selflessly love each other.
Everyone who carefully practices those commands is with God, and God is with them.

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