Dear Chelsea

Dear Chelsea

Excellent article by one of my wonderful daughters-in-law.

Life and Favor (Job 10:12)

By Chelsea Pollard

Kathy’s article two weeks ago really got me thinking. Since I’ve leaving home I’ve frequently thought, “I wish I knew this when I was younger.” I know this is something everyone’s experienced! While it’s nice to have the knowledge, it’s quite frustrating. I could have saved myself from so much heartache, embarrassment, anger, regret and pain. 

Sometimes I feel like I don’t have any wisdom to offer since I’m still in my early 20’s and I’m not a mom (unless you consider Bear to be my child, because I do #dogmom). But I’ve often thought about things I wish I knew growing up and about what I could’ve done differently.

Here’s what I would tell myself:

  • Your parents are more than likely trying their best. I am ashamed to say that I was maybe 20 when I realized that my parents are people, too. They have…

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    On Tue, Apr 27, 2021 at 12:48 PM The Preacher Pollard Blog wrote:

    > preacherpollard posted: “Excellent article by one of my wonderful > daughters-in-law.” >

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