Why I Attend Wednesday Night Church Services

Why I Attend Wednesday Night Church Services

Neal Pollard

  • I need the fellowship of Christian family in the middle of a week spent exposed to the world.
  • I draw strength from the teaching of God’s Word and the comments others make on the subject being studied.
  • Others need my encouragement and influence, and my presence can be so faith-building to them.
  • Bible class teachers have taken precious time to prepare and deliver their material.
  • I believe God is pleased with my making such a commitment and a sacrifice, though it’s so little compared to all that He has done for me.
  • It builds my interest in spiritual things.
  • I believe it helps contribute to the overall strength and influence of the local church.
  • It is an affirmation of the eldership’s wisdom to have such classes in the first place, where they seek to help give me spiritual food.
  • I live by the philosophy that I make time for what is most important and valuable.
  • My family is guided by my leadership and priorities.
  • I live in a nation that allows me to freely assemble to build and express my faith, and I do not want to take that for granted.
  • I have so many great memories of Wednesdays, and I continue to make them.
  • Though I have often arrived tired and frazzled, I have almost always left rejuvenated and rejoicing.
  • I want to.

What would you add?


12 thoughts on “Why I Attend Wednesday Night Church Services

  1. The great examples of the faithful in Hebrews 11 all spent time worshipping and praising God, as did Christ. Paul spent much time teaching in the synagogues, where the people were, in many cities.
    Coming together is an opportunity to edify, teach, and to support and strengthen one another in a more personal, meaningful way.

  2. I use Wednesday as a stepping stone from one Sunday to the next Sunday. It helps keep my spiritual life on course

  3. Upbeat treatment of a nee subject in our brotherhood.
    I might add, it helped support the verbal teaching we did as parents (we are empty nesters now). When our kids saw other parents bring their children, it reinforced our teachings and our kids parents weren’t completely weird!

    Thanks for the post!

  4. Please continue with this Great work.God bless you.I want to be part of the Great winning team.

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