Journey To Jesus’ Hometown

Journey To Jesus’ Hometown

Neal Pollard

The last two days have been full of interesting events, We went to Nazareth to see where Jesus grew up. In the place He learned Joseph’s trade and where Jews hearing Him open the door to the Gentiles wanted to throw Him off the brow of the hill, we visited the only known congregation of the Lord’s church in the whole nation. They served us lunch, We sang, prayed and fellowshipped with them. We saw the spot where it’s posited that Mary received news that she would conceive a child. We visited Mt. Precipice, thought by some to be the place where the Jews angrily tried to throw Jesus down. Wayne Burger shared some tremendous truths from Luke four. It was a surprisingly emotional day, especially because of the deep connection I felt with the family of Christ I was able to share it all with,

This morning, we woke up at the Sea of Galilee. Keith Kasarjian and I went for a run and then I nearly sliced off my finger with a cheese knife (on cheese I never got to eat). But the day was eventful again, visiting two cities where we know Jesus walked. The towns and synagogues of Capernaum, where Denny Petrillo shared some interesting facts and applicable truth, and Chorazin hold so much history in them, We went up to the ancient city of Dan, which even earlier than the conquest period was a Canaanite city almost certainly visited by Abraham. It became infamous as one of the two cities set up by Jeroboam as a center of idolatrous worship. We then were able to travel to Caesarea Philippi, where Jesus and the disciples stood amid unbelievable pagan idolatry and affirmed the truth of His Deity. Tyler King told us how precious the truth of His Lordship is.

Amid all these startling scenes and thoughts, as John Moore reminded us near the Israeli-Syrian U.N. controlled buffer zone, we serve a Christ who came to bring unity and peace in a divided world. We came close enough to see across into both Lebanon and Syria, both of whom have been enemies of Israel for some time. Israel itself is a nation not friendly to foreign missionaries preaching New Testament Christianity and evangelism is difficult among the Orthodox Jew and Muslim populations. But we visited places where Jesus started everything, not just a movement that changed the world but THE movement of all movements. It’s what has us moving from place to place in this beautiful country and what moves our hearts so deeply,


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