Adjustments On The Journey

Adjustments On The Journey

Neal Pollard

We encountered a delay in Newark, New Jersey, that slowed down our journey. Our plane had made the long haul from Hong Kong and needed some maintenance work before we could take off. This meant that we arrived in Tel Aviv over an hour behind schedule. Between that and the lengthy customs process, we were a couple of hours behind schedule. John and Carla put together such an incredibly thoughtful itinerary. Because of the delay, however, we had to eliminate the first stop from the planned journey. Aphek, where Joshua apportioned the tribal inheritance, where the ark was stolen, and where Israel fought Syria. Instead, we journeyed up to the an amazing city, with its harbor, the place where Paul was interred and transferred to Rome (Acts 21-25), where Pilate stayed, and which Herod the Great built. Caesarea Maritima, with its impressive colosseum and hippodrome, with its engineering marvel, the aqueducts, and with its ingeniously designed harbor, sits at the Mediterranean Sea. Philip preached here (Acts 8:40). Peter saw his vision calling him to preach to the Gentiles here (Acts 10:1ff). Herod died his gruesome death here (Acts 12). While we had to hurry through this incredible site, we sat and listened to John Moore deliver a powerful devotional lesson about the blessings God gave Israel, the testing ground of faith and trust in God’s leadership, and the challenge to us to trust in Him and receive His blessings today. How incredible that we got to do this on the day of our arrival, jet lagged and fatigued as we all were. Even in our mental fog and physical exhaustion, what a blessing to be able to share in all of this with so many of our Bear Valley family members. There are 39 of us on this journey, experiencing the expected and unexpected, soaking in the powerful places and principles that seem to be as fruitful as the orange, fig, avocado, fig, date palm, and banana trees we saw along the journey from Tel Aviv to Caesarea. Not everything will go smoothly. With about 40 people moving from place to place, flexibility will be the name of the game. Each new day, we will adjust yet we will appreciate every detail!


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