Can He Accept Me As I Am?

Can He Accept Me As I Am?

Neal Pollard

Can God accept me as I am?  I know me better than I know anyone else—my thoughts, feelings, motives, intentions, desires, temptations, and attitudes.  I know I have sin in my life, and I have for many years.  I know I struggle today and I will continue to struggle until He takes me home or He comes again.  Can He accept me as I am?

No!  Not without a heart of resolve or an attempt to please and serve Him.  Not without obedience to the best of my ability.  Not without submitting to His Word and His plan.  Not if I am defiant and self-ruled.  Not if I continue to serve sin in order to get more grace.  Not if I am trying to write the rules or make it on the basis of my righteousness.  Not if I feel I can somehow earn His acceptance or do enough good or avoid enough bad to force His hand and make Him accept me.  Can He accept me as I am?

Yes!  He made the plan.  He set the promises and defined the conditions.  His Son offered the sacrifice.  He has the power and ability to cleanse my sins as I walk in the light.  After I have lived the way He wants me to, to the best of my ability, He provides the grace that bridges the gap between my best and perfection.  He refers me to Zaccheus, the woman at the well, the Prodigal Son, the woman who was a sinner, Peter, Saul of Tarsus, prostitutes, and sinners, the tax collector praying in the temple, the rabble, and the rest, and He says this is what is possible for you!

Can I accept that He can accept me?  Perhaps that is the question that needs addressing first.  His grace and my obedient faith is the roadway to divine acceptance.  Heaven depends on my accepting that!

5 thoughts on “Can He Accept Me As I Am?

  1. Hmm. I always thought He does not accept us, but accepts the fact that His Son wants us for His bride. Big game-changer. I can see your point, but also know that He constantly works on changing us. Doesn’t sound like acceptance. And we are never good enough, our motives are never pure, etc.
    No, I think it’s all about Jesus. At least for me, if I’m honest.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts. I think there could be some semantics involved in what we are both saying. I make the very point you make here (that we’re not good enough, that we have a ton of weaknesses). What I was ineloquently trying to stress is the balance–I must do what He says but, as you say, the bottom line is that it’s about God accepting me through Christ. So many people cannot change because they fear rejection from God and may have faced rejection from people they cared about a lot. Scripture says He accepts us (Rom. 15:7), but it’s still about Him.
      I very much appreciate your insight, Katharine. Thanks for taking the time. I enjoy what I’ve seen on your blog.

  2. Coming from a Lutheran upbringing, I know there is nothing acceptable in me. It’s all HIm. I enjoy reading here, too, and should choose more often to comment when I do agree. He accepts me, yes, but not without blood.

  3. I know God can’t take me the way I am but I’m thankful He has made plan that will help me to become acceptable to Him. Although I’m not perfect His Son is and is willing to make the sacrifice so that I can cross over and follow Him so that I can be with Him and the Father for eternity. Thanks, for reminding us so vividly His love and sacrifice. Ken

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