I WANT To Sing

Neal Pollard

It is well-known to everyone who has been around this week for Future Preachers Training Camp or the gospel meeting that I have a serious case of laryngitis.  I normally lose my voice after a week of getting campers’ attention, playing sports, and attending a Rockies game.  This year, it struck before camp began by virtue of a minor head cold that settled in my throat.  Because I have continued to try to talk, I sound like the “Frog Man.”  While this has been a nuisance and inconvenience to my duties as director, the single greatest source of aggravation relates to my attempt and desire to sing.  I cannot stand to be in the worship assemblies, daily chapels, and devotionals where singing is taking place and not be able to participate. I try, but all I can manage is a nearly inaudible squeak as I vainly try to sing bass (the only part my voice will “hold together” enough to try).  At times, my throat has hurt too badly for me to even try that.

It is not that I consider my singing voice to be desirable.  I don’t want to flaunt my voice.  I want to blend it with everyone else’s in worshipping our God.  Now more than ever, I am at a loss to understand people not hindered by health and voice problems who choose not to sing in worship!  Do they lack the desire?  Are they embarrassed at their own perceived lack of “talent” for singing?  Is there a disconnect or disinterest?

When we remind ourselves that God desires our singing, we should long to do it to the best of our ability.  When we understand the key role we play in helping others worship and spiritually improve, we should enthusiastically engage (Col. 3:16; Eph. 5:19). When we connect singing with spiritual health, we will say with the writer of Hebrews, “I will proclaim Your name to my brethren, in the midst of the congregation I will sing Your praise” (2:12).

It seems clear that when things are right between us and God, we will yearn to sing.  It is when we are far away from him that we lose the desire (cf. Psalm 137).  I sure hope my voice returns soon, for many reasons.  One of the main ones is so that I can return to singing praise to my God!

One thought on “I WANT To Sing

  1. Hi! I found your article interesting – I also hate it when my voice is too sick to sing out loud my love for God. I felt, though, that it is my duty as a speech-language pathologist to bring to light the awesomeness that is vocal hygiene. I realize this is unsolicited advice, but Google should provide you with how to take better care of your voice.
    Also, I do not understand why people do not sing aloud in worship. Perhaps they didn’t grow up singing and aren’t comfortable with it or don’t have the knowledge of harmonizing. Either way- encouragement is always key.

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