We Cannot Stop Speaking

2013 FPTC Theme Logo Final

Neal Pollard

 Two plain men, no distinguishing trait

Marked those uneducated preachers so bold

But what a mark such vessels would create

Who through their efforts let Christ’s story be told

They helped a poor struggler find lasting peace

But faced critical, skeptical foes,

Despite the adversity, they asked for no release

From their task, for they counted no woes.

“How could they be swaying this entire city

With a message so narrow and exclusive?

They’ve backed it up plainly, oh what a pity

For us if it’s believed; This to us is obtrusive.”

They scolded them harshly and told them to stop,

“Don’t declare this Man’s message of salvation!”

But the preachers His case they simply would not drop

They pressed on with such dogged determination.

What they said, oh the power and the pure simplicity

Though respectful, was with fierce dedication.

Fills our hearts with desire, our hands with electricity

Makes us want to join them in glad participation!

“We cannot stop speaking,” what a happy refrain,

About Jesus we must tell, share, and proclaim.

Be a Peter, a John, with The Message remain,

Pledge to never stop speaking in His name!

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