Neal Pollard

Several years ago, actor Fisher Stevens produced the movie thriller Awake about a young man who needs a heart transplant amidst all kinds of mayhem.  Stevens was interviewed about how he prepared for his role as a doctor in the motion picture.  He spoke of going into the operating theatre of a certain hospital to watch surgeons do their work.  At first, he said he closed his eyes and felt faint when trying to watch.  Yet, as he made himself watch the inevitable gore and details of these surgeries, he said he got to the point where he could not stop watching.

Whatever embellishment Stevens was doing, he pinpoints normal human nature.  A person, through curiosity, repeated exposure, and familiarity, can come to embrace and long for what once repelled and repulsed him.  A person who has watched television twenty, thirty, or more years may be watching today what would have so completely revolted him in those long ago years.  Those who expose themselves to pornography can find the same net effect in his or her heart, desiring what at one point would have disgusted them.  Even living in a society whose views have moved steadily away from God’s will can find themselves, philosophically and spiritually, embracing what once would have repulsed them. Whenever we allow ourselves to continue to see, hear, or think of things that might at first spiritually offend or outrage us, we will likely grow to the point that we embrace it.

Let us keep our hearts and consciences sharp, pure, and clean.  May we see sin for what it is and stay uncomfortable and bothered by it.  Otherwise, we will eventually come to love what God hates.

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