Neal Pollard
Undoubtedly, one could find more contrasts than comparisons between Christ’s birth and death. Yet, a study of both reveals some interesting parallels. Both changed the world and have altered the impact of eternity. Consider the following:

1) At both, He was rejected of men (Luke 2:7; Mark 15:15).

2) At both, He was cast “outside” (Luke 2:7; Hebrews 13:12).

3) At both, Mary was there (Luke 2:7; John 19:26).

4) At both, myrrh was present for use upon Him (Matthew 2:11; John 19:39).

5) At both, there was darkness (Matthew 2:10,14; Matthew 27:45).

6) At both, His body was wrapped in clothing (Luke 2:7,12; Mark 15:46).

7) At both, a Herod becomes curiously involved (Matthew 2:7ff; Luke 23:7ff).

8) At both, there was worship-though the first was genuine and the second
mocking (Matthew 2:11 and Luke 2:13-14; Mark 15:19).

9) At both, wise men recognized His deity (Matthew 2:1ff; Mark 15:39 and
Luke 23:41)

10) At both, Jew and Gentile were there.

11) At both, He was hailed as King-though one was in earnest and the other
in jest (Matthew 2:2; Mark 15:26,32).

12) At both, an “honorable” man named Joseph was present (Matthew 1:19 +
Luke 2:16; Mark 15:43).

13) At both we find the chief priests and scribes involved (Matthew 2:4-6; Matthew 27:1ff).

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