Neal Pollard

Since I was a little boy, I’ve heard the frets and tsks

Of spilled juice and food stains, and other soiling risks

End caps have threatened to come off, legs seemed near collapse

Faithfully we’ve scrubbed and hammered, to avoid “what ifs” and “perhaps”

The fabric fades with time and use, the joints are loosed with sitting

And many the lady and the man have saved them by nails and knitting

Let’s get a few more years from them, the cost to replace is too great

We’ll bolt them down and prop them up, and save them from an awful fate

But what is the condition of the pews, when speaking metaphorically.

By that I mean the people on them, as we’ve used the phrase historically.

If too many are old and dying, and no efforts are made to reach others.

Those pews will look sparse and scattered from lack of sisters and brothers.

If those who use them think of Christian living as only time spent on them

They will not take their faith into a daily walk spent with Him.

I love the pews, the people that are striving to be more useful

Who love the Lord, who live that love, and refuse to be “excuse-full.”

They come and worship, with eyes all bright, and voices blending gladly

They help the sick, they reach the lost, they want to serve God badly.

What are you doing for the pews, for those who through Christ you’re related?

Is your love for those upon the pew growing stronger or has it abated?

The next time you go to take your seat and settle in for the worship time

Reflect a moment on these words set in this simple rhyme,

“What will I do to save the pew?  How much can I afford?

When I show care for every pew, I’m saying I love the Lord.”


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