CONTRADICTING: The Pastime Of Our Time

Have you noticed that, no matter what the topic or matter one may choose to bring up, someone or ones seem to feel compelled to say something to contradict it?  What fuels the activity is known only to the doer, whether a need to seem expert or more knowledgeable, pride, a habit of argumentativeness, or the worldly, age-old practice of “disputing” (Phil. 2:14; 1 Tim. 6:4).  Doctrinally, we are called to lovingly defend God’s truth (Eph. 4:15), to gently help correct a brother (Gal. 6:1) or non-Christian (2 Tim. 2:24-26), and to guard the name of Christ against all attacks.  That is courageous and spiritual.

But, do you know what I am referencing?  That nit-picky, minute, non-essential practice of increasingly many to just “have” to correct somebody and everybody.  Why is that?  Perhaps forums like Facebook feed that tendency, where folks “drive by” somebody’s wall and “need” to be heard and seen as the guru and all-wise.  Perhaps it is something far more benign.  Surely, we don’t see how easily we sign up for the sport of sparring speech.  But, all of us are well served to ask, “What is my purpose in contradicting? What fruitful thing am I seeking to accomplish?”  If we can find no good answer, let’s challenge our own desire to challenge another.  Such makes for “seasonable speech” (cf. Col. 4:6).

3 thoughts on “CONTRADICTING: The Pastime Of Our Time

  1. laneengland

    Neal, I don’t want to contradict you but…..hehe. Seriously, I’ve often pondered this too and I am guilty of feeling this especially if a preacher gets up and says something “unseasonable” against others. I realized one day that I felt annoyed that the preacher got to stand before others and opine (forgive my candor) and I couldn’t have that chance to dispute (not that my introversion would ever allow that). I think we all feel the need to be “heard” and sometimes these arenas feed that need, be it facebook or the pulpit. I DO AGREE with what our response should be and to avoid “sparring”. Thanks for posting.

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