Neal Pollard

Wait a minute!  This is not “another story on Tim Tebow”… per se.  I have used great restraint in not writing about the Denver quarterback, but this is a bit different.  Over the weekend, we received a phone call from the New York Daily.  Columnist Erik German was working on a story about the impact Tebow has had on churches in the Denver area.

That made me wonder.  The very question is a commentary on our times.  Tebow, very openly, unashamedly devout, is making waves at water coolers everywhere.  This story is bigger than Denver.  As big as his winning ways is his attempt to glorify God whenever given the opportunity.  It is hard to describe how exciting it is to have such a positive role model being given such prominence.  But, again, why the question?

Maybe the Bear Valley congregation is an aberration.  Maybe other congregations of the Lord’s people are having streams of people drop in because of Tebowmania or even Tebowing.  Maybe the denominations are feeling a similar impact.  Maybe we have had people stop by our services because of this phenomenon, but just chose not to tell us. But, so far as I know, we have not been the benificiary of this ballplayer’s bold beliefs.

But, here is the point.  We already have a “Mile High Messiah.”  All indications are that He has no direct interest in the outcome of football games or other athletic contests.  If it takes Tebow (or any other celebrity) to put us “on the map” with the community, then maybe we should ask ourselves where we have been before now.  What we have in Christ and what Christ wants to offer the world far transcends what anybody else has to offer.

Maybe Tebow will inspire those of us who know and have obeyed the truth to shine the light brighter than ever.  Maybe we will be unashamed to tell them the good news. Maybe this will wake us up to the power of our collective influence.  Maybe we will sustain such zeal and boldness, no matter what number 15 does on the playing field.  Let us pray to that end!


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