Neal Pollard

Something happened yesterday that makes me ashamed.  Before I share that, consider a prayer that we pray–or should pray–with frequency.  We say in public prayer and many of us in private prayer, “Lord, please open a door of opportunity.”  That’s scriptural and it follows the great example of Paul, who said, “Praying at the same time for us as well, that God will open up to us a door for the word, so that we may speak forth the mystery of Christ…” (Col. 4:3).  God opened a “door of faith” for Paul and Barnabas to evangelize (Acts 14:27).  Spiritual healthiness involves wanting opportunities to serve the Lord, especially in making His kingdom grow.  If we believe that it is right to pray to God for this and we believe that God answers those prayers, what happens in our lives?  There are people He providentially places in our path for us to reach with the gospel.

Yesterday, in a BeauJos restaurant in Idaho Springs, I had such a moment.  Dale, my middle son, excitedly told me as I was returning from washing my hands, “Dad, that couple was praying for their food!  You should go talk to them!”  I told him something like “if the time is right, I’ll do that, son.”  Yes, I realize how “lame” that was.  I repented before Dale, and now ask your forgiveness, for such rationalization.  When could there be a better time?  Yes, I know what I would say next time.  It dawned on me as I was praying last night.

Dale is so gracious.  He told me, “That’s all right, dad.  It’s not like you only get one chance.”  Isn’t that a wonderful truth?  What a motivator!  God is the God of the second chance.  Not only that, if I prayed for an opportunity and he sent that one in BeauJos, won’t He do it again.  Next time, I resolve to be ready.  I must be.  If I am to trust prayer and God’s provision, He will put someone in my path.  May I be ready and willing to share Christ with them!

4 thoughts on “HE PUTS THEM IN OUR PATH

  1. Mary Murphy

    We are all guilty sometimes. We have a new church member that called today and shared a conversation she had with her friend. It was about going to heaven and what we must do to get there. That is her plan now. I was priviledged to invite her to our gospel meeting in April. She obeyed the gospel and it so willing to share what she knows with others. Thank God for new Christians to keep us motivated.

  2. Sandi Smith

    I love that you are blessed with a son whose first thought is to talk to them about the Gospel! Kudos to Carl and to you and Kathy for raising your sons to think souls. 🙂

  3. Thank you, Sandi! We’re proud of Carl, too! It is humbling, the great challenge before us in bringing up our boys to “think souls”–that’s why I feel so convicted to be the best example I can be before them.
    We’re grateful for your children’s deep faith and dedication to Christ.

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