Neal Pollard

My mother-in-law makes them.  There are usually a few in my office.  They have been used to light the way for centuries.  They are such simple devices, still a staple amid our technologically advanced age.

A candle requires a functioning wick.  This is the catalyst for the candle to burn.  That wick must be sufficiently long to hold and carry the flame.  If the wick is too short, the flame dies.  No wick and it’s useless.  Likewise, I need to be sure that my “wick” is fully functional, too.  Too many have a “short wick” or seemingly none at all.  They are quick-tempered, flying off the handle and into a rage (cf. Pro. 12:16; 29:11) .

A candle requires wax.  It is pretty hard before it is heated, but then is softens and melts.  Scented candles emit an aroma, too.  From this, I am reminded of the need I have to let God’s Word, which is like a fire (cf. Jer. 23:29), soften my heart and melt it.  As a child of God, as that Word works on my life it should cause me to emit an aroma pleasing to God (cf. 2 Cor. 2:14). It should also work to draw others to Him.

A candle is molded.  Even if it does not have a glass or other container, it is preformed and shaped by the candle maker.  That candle is designed to keep the shape given it by its creator.  Just so, I remember that God wishes to mold and shape my life.  If I let Him, He can change and transform me into something useful (cf. Rom. 12:2).  I must be true to His design for my life, pursuing a higher purpose than just earthly matters (Col. 3:1).

A candle’s color does not effect its ability.  If you have been by a candle display, you have seen how diverse the color spectrum is.  The color of the wax does not determine whether or not the candle works.  What a reminder for man, so prone to prejudice.  God, who created us all, gives no preference or priority to one race over another.  Thanks to Christ, such distinctions have been erased (Gal. 3:28).

A candle eventually is spent.  Manufacturers tout long-life candles, slow-burning candles, and the like.  Yet, if used, the candle will come to an end.  May I never forget that this body is not engineered for eternity, that this physical life will come to an end (Heb. 9:27).  May that come after a long and productive life used for His purpose.

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