The Greatest Sermon Ever Preached (Praught)

The Greatest Sermon Ever Preached (Praught)

Tuesday’s Column: Dale Mail

It’s sounds wrong— but it makes sense! 

Praught definition: (nonstandard) Simple past tense and past participle of preach

Speaking of praught…

Matthew chapter five records the greatest sermon ever praught. This has been known as the “Declaration of the Kingdom” and the “Sum of Jesus.” It’s powerful and it covers nearly all aspects of the Christian walk. It covers topics that are still relevant and close to home for every person on the planet— past or present. It breaks down as follows.

1-12 “The blessed ones”

13-16 “salt, light, cities”

17-48 “understanding the law of God” 

Jesus makes His way to the top of the mountain and His listeners stands while Jesus is seated. 

After sitting down He opened his mouth to teach.” 5.2 

Someone commenting on this seemingly small detail said, 

“It is not superfluous to say that ‘he opened his mouth, and taught them,’ for he had taught them often when his mouth was closed.”

The sermon on the mount is a lesson on the totality of life. Jesus teaches the objective truth. He said what was needed, and not what was necessarily easy to say. He preached the truth and He did so perfectly and with perfect love. It would be worth our while to familiarize ourselves with this lesson especially in the world we’re living in today. Jesus told us what to tell others. Let’s live for and like Jesus this week. 

Dale Pollard

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