Tuesday’s Column: Dale Mail

blond man with goatee smiling at camera with blazer on
Dale Pollard

If you were to flip on the TV and watch a news channel, it can quickly become frustrating. Channels like CNN will often say something entirely different than FOX or vice versa. What’s actually true? Who can we trust? What should we believe? 

Just when your mind begins to become convinced of one thing, you hear or see something that changes your thinking once again. This creates the skeptic, the double-thinker, and the cynic. 

Since a variety of propaganda will always be pushed and those personal agendas will always be hidden, it’s more comforting than ever to read and soak in pure unadulterated truth. So, here are some of those truths we can count on that our found in the Bible. 

  1. God is real and His message to mankind can only be found in every inspired word written in the scripture (2 Tim. 3:16-17). 
  2. The scriptures teach mankind the means by which we are saved and added to His church. God adds us through our action- based belief, repentance, and immersion (Acts 2:42ff, Titus 1:5-11). 
  3. Christians must live faithfully and in accordance to His instructions (1 Peter 1:15). 
  4. The faithful can only truly worship by following the pattern which is demonstrated by the 1st-century church and Apostolic examples (1 Tim. 2:8-15). 
  5. The Bible teaches that one day everyone will walk through the door that leads out into eternity. Whether or not we are lost or saved as we pass through that door will be the determining factor that dictates where our final destination will be (Rev. 20.12).
  6. It’s our Christian duty to ensure that others are aware of this spiritual reality (Matt. 25:46, Ecc. 12:7, 1 Jn. 1:7). 
  7. God can’t lie and every word He wrote is true (Ti. 1:2; Ps. 119:160). 
  8. It’s our responsibility to study His message because it’s the only thing that matters. 

These truths will never change. They are a constant you can count on and we’ve only scratched the surface. It’s crucial that every follower of Christ is convicted and well versed in His Word. This is where and how we find peace and direction. The Bible is the only source that we can rely on  100% and that’s something that’s increasingly hard to find today. 

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