Why Did God Save Me?

Why Did God Save Me?

Thursday’s Column: Captain’s Blog


Carl Pollard

Growing up, my dad was incredible at just about everything. The only thing he was bad at was answering questions about school. We would get confused by a math problem and if mom wasn’t around to help us we would be forced to ask dad. It would be a simple problem like 17-9, and dad would spend 45 minutes explaining theories and ideas and fill a whole whiteboard with symbols and numbers and paragraphs. I would always be more confused afterwards than I was before.
There is a question that will always be present in the mind of a Christian. It is a question that, even when answered, doesn’t seem to make sense.  That question is, “Why did God save me?” When we step back and look at who God is, and who we are, why on earth would God still love us? There’s no denying the sin and darkness that is in the world, and there’s no denying that even as God’s children, we mess up and do the things we shouldn’t. A perfect creator chose to save each one of us that wears the name “Christian.” WHY?
God did everything out of love. A love that was perfect and sacrificial. A love that we did not deserve. But He loved us enough to sacrifice Himself so that we could be saved. God saved us because He wanted His creation to experience an eternity in heaven. The only reason we are able to be worshipping and wearing the title “children of God” is because God chose to love us.
But there is more to our salvation. God in His word tells us why He chose to save us. It has been said that, “Every right implies a responsibility, every opportunity implies an obligation, and every possession implies a duty.”
When we made the decision to put Christ on in baptism we accepted and acknowledged the responsibilities that came with our relationship with God. As children of God we have now been called to live a life of service to Him. By obeying the plan of salvation, we are saying that God is now our master.
1 Thessalonians 1:9 tells us that Christians are those who have “turned from idols to serve the one true God.” We have rejected our old way of living. Now we submit to God in everything.
Why did God save me? So that I can glorify Him with my life.
Carl, around his seventh birthday, probably getting a break from school.

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