Fill The…

Fill The…

Neal Pollard

Pews. We’re going to be safe and careful, but let’s encourage EVERY member to come and every friend, family, schoolmates and coworkers to come, too.

Heart. With a desire to learn and grow, to please God, to help this seminar to succeed, to strengthen the church, etc.

Head. With a knowledge of God’s Word, especially the book of Mark. Fill it with an appreciation of God’s mission and will.

Social Media Platforms. The more we mention this seminar, the more who will know about it and more opportunities for people to consider attending.

Void. So many are unsettled, depressed, aimless, afraid, worried, and anxious. Only one solution exists. The solution is Jesus and Jesus will be proclaimed throughout our “Fill The Void” seminar this upcoming week.

We get started Sunday morning at 9:30 AM. Six sessions this week. Let’s fill each other with encouragement by supporting this seminar. See you there!

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