Six Lessons From The Tower of Babel

Six Lessons From The Tower of Babel

Tuesday’s Column: Dale Mail

(Happy birthday to Janelle)

Dale Pollard

We all know the story of the Tower Of Babel. It’s the event that gave us all the diverse languages of the world. That account is not just for our entertainment or education, but there are many spiritual applications that can be pulled from the event. Here are just six from Genesis 11:1-9. 
  1. What we are building will only be successful if God designed the blue prints. What are we building? Where do we choose to place our time and effort? Making a name for ourself? Making the most money? Getting the most pleasure out of life? If this is the life we’re building, like the foolish man that’s a life built on sand. 
  2. We are free to do as we want, but for every bad decision there are consequences. 
  3. There is a truth to what God said about our ability to accomplish much as a unified people. There’s also a positive side to this not so positive account. When the church body is unified there is no limit to what we can accomplish. When there’s dissension we are weaker. 
  4. Ignorance does not mean a blissful existence. It was ignorant to think that a closer relationship with God involved building a stairway into the sky that in their minds would allow God to have the ability to descend to earth. The opposite is true. God built us a way to go to Him. 
  5. Be mindful of the presence you keep and the vision you share. It seemed that most if not all mankind at this time was unified under one vision. “To make a name for themselves,” they worked together. They planned, schemed, spent resources and time to build something that would change the world forever— but it wasn’t God’s vision. The presence you keep and the shared vision matters. What are we building? 
  6. Accounts in the Bible that seem unrealistic or mythical should not weaken our faith but strengthen it when we do our due diligence in digging into His word. God is capable of great things, and that hasn’t changed. We serve a powerful God who has big plans for the world. Are we willing to side with Him? 

7 thoughts on “Six Lessons From The Tower of Babel

  1. Thanks for lesson on the Tower of Babel!!! Do you have any idea what the first language was? Working together and striving together to have HIS vision!!! We can accomplish much!!! So grateful for you and Edwin,our elders, deacons, and all my christian brothers and sisters!!! Thanks for everything!!!

    1. The guys did a podcast on this (“The Bible Is Not Boring”). You can find it on Apple Music, Spotify, and most “podcast platforms.” They deliver it along with some humor, but they also deal with the kinds of things you’re talking about. 🙂

      1. Thank you for letting me know about Operation X!!! I will be checking this out!!! I appreciate your help!!! Grateful!!!

      1. The only thing I can think of is WOW!!! These guys are sure something and I really enjoyed the humor!!! Lots of things we don’t know for sure, but pride gets us in trouble today just like then and when God destroyed the world the first time!!! Also, just like then and now, not obeying His commands!!! Scary, what could happen!!!It is neat to also learn about heaven being the Hebrew word for sky!!! I also see that there is so much to learn and He is AMAZING and HIS WORD is AMAZING!!! Thank you for sending this to me!!! Grateful!!!

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